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According to this article from WaiWai, Osaka has a fortune-telling establishment, Hokago Club, staffed by high-school girls with, er, inventive methods of clairvoyance:
BINTA URANAI (Slap Soothsaying), where a schoolgirl will either slap or punch a customer's face as hard as she can and then read the results. "We'll take absolutely no responsibility for any injuries incurred," the schoolgirl seer who metes out the reading tells Shukan Post.
RUUZU SOKKUSU URANAI (Loose Socks Divinity), is arguably the most schoolgirl-like divining method of all those used at Hokago Club, and involves a schoolgirl spiritualist removing her loose, baggy socks and, according to Shukan Post, wrapping them around the customer's neck and pulling tightly until she can discern what the future holds in store for him.
I thought Japan couldn't surprise me anymore.
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