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More second life

The widget is up to 5753 downloads now, and Apple's site has it at number 11 on their most-downloaded-of-the-unspecified-time-period list, no doubt due to the featuredment.

Here's another picture of me, with an avatar I bought recently:

The avatar is called Common Raven; it looks and moves astonishingly lifelike. When walking, it hops along; standing, it'll preen occasionally and do that cocking its head to look at things bit. And flying --

Flying in Second Life is always fun, mind; you're _flying_, for heaven's sake. But flying as a bird, when the bird is flapping its wings accurately and swooping and diving and hovering, and drifting to the ground with gentle wingbeats, that's a _joy_.

And then it's even cooler, because I am wearing a fez.
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